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Advent Week 1: HOPE (A Visio Divina Meditation with Artist Michelle Morris)

Welcome to the first week of the Visio Divina Advent Series!

Settle in with your journal or paper and some something to write with as artist and spiritual director Michelle Morris guides us in a prayer through art. When you are ready, open this window full screen and then play the audio below to begin.

Prompt 1:

  • Sit quietly and invite the presence of God to this time of prayer. As you sit in silence, ask God to speak to your heart while viewing this painting today.

  • Look at the painting and stop at the first thing that catches your eye. Stay there for a moment and ask what it is that draws you to this place?

  • Continue around the painting in the same manner, stopping and gazing at each place that catches your eye, journaling as you go.

  • Now sit back and look at the painting as a whole. What, if anything, do you see that you didn’t before?

  • In this painting, what do you imagine is happening?

Prompt 2:

  • Does the open posture of the hand suggest receiving or letting go to you?

  • What is your posture before God today?

  • How do you experience the space surrounding the hand?

  • Does this reflect any experience in your life today?

  • Where do you see yourself in this painting?

  • How does this painting inspire you towards hope and faith in God?

  • Are you resistant to anything you are experiencing? If so talk to God about what you are resisting.

Prompt 3:

  • Next close your eyes and recall the painting in your mind. What do you see, and feel and what has God spoken to you as you recall your experience of prayer with the painting? Take this time to talk with God about anything you experienced.

  • Sit with eyes either open or closed before God and rest with what you have heard and experienced in this prayer

  • Are you being called to any action through what God has spoken to you? Ask God to enable you to walk out what He is calling you to today.


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